It was only 3 weeks ago when I condescendingly told my cousin Cat to get a handle on herself. She was losing her sh*t over an infant called Rafael Nadal, couldn’t stop texting me about his arms, his girlfriend, his loyalty, his sweetness.

Obviously, Michael Phelps has now proven me a hypocrite.

Rafa was in New York yesterday with Roger Federer and Don King for the Grapple in the Apple press conference. The US Open begins on Monday – Rafa is currently the new #1 following his gold medal performance at the Olympics last week.

After winning, Rafa said he was exhausted – it’s been a long, grueling summer. But he stayed at the Olympic Village and, buoyed by being around so many other world class athletes in such a unique environment, he found a way to overcome the curse that’s plagued the top seeds at the games.

Love it when superstars stay at the Village instead of a hotel. Michael stayed at the Village too. It’s smarter that way.

The Village = Sex Central.

Especially for the swimmers who apparently went rank rabbits after the meet concluded on Saturday.

Click here for a hilarious, smuttily insightful article on what really goes down where the athletes stay. Thanks Katie!

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