Woke my ass up at 6am on Sunday for the French Open final. Rafael Nadal vs Roger Federer – there really aren’t too many of these opportunities left. It was beauty for three sets, non? And what’s even better is that they can bring that out in each other without hating each other. There is a lot of genuine and mutual respect and admiration shared between Rafa and Roger. It’s kinda like what Charles Xavier told Eric in X-Men: First Class – that hate can only draw out so much of your power, and that love is the only thing that can inspire full potential. Corn! Oh my God, so much corn, but I love it so much! Especially when it relates to sport .

But while Rafa and Roger treat each other with true kindness, the bitches who watch and debate sport, well, we might be less classy about it, especially with comparison. It is, after all, a competitive game. Rafa is now 25, just 25, with 10 Grand Slam titles. Roger, of course, has been declared the greatest of all time because he has the most at 16. The question everyone keeps fighting over, and it’s a great argument, a lot of fun, is that if Roger is considered to the best, and Rafa has pretty much owned his ass when they go head to head, where does that leave Rafa? Can you be second best if you keep beating the best?

Here’s a great article about the issue. To me, if you care, the bottom line for anything to hold up is straight numbers. Nobody’s going to be around in 50 years to explain to some kid that 16 isn’t as good as Rafa returning everything Roger gave him. I’m more Rafa than I am Roger. Always have been. But Rafa has to keep collecting Grand Slams. That’s it.

Anyway, after his victory, Rafa and his longtime girlfriend Xisca went out for dinner to celebrate. Then he and a massive entourage hit up Disneyland Paris the next day. Xisca is SO hot like sometimes I think she could be hotter than Sara Carbonero.

Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com and KCSPresse/Splashnewsonline.com