The US Open starts on Sunday. And my cousin Cat’s birthday is on Monday. AND she loves Rafael Nadal. So this is a Rafa tennis post. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Rafa is in New York being all cute with the children and promoting his Armani underwear thing. I may be the lone voice in all of this but... I don’t get jizzy over men underwear ads. Or the general bulgy-ness of men in that area. It’s a little housewives let loose on Fabio, you know? Sexy men are sexier, to me at least, when they’re wearing their clothes well. Like, I think Brad Pitt is amazing. I have no desire to see him in his boxers. Unless of course he’s in his underwear with the Jolie. But that has more to do with gossip than it does with stimulation.

Also attached, just to make this a mega tennis post - Pete Sampras and Ivan Lendl (Lendl passes the Microsoft Word spell check???) at the DirecTV Old School Challenge last night and being interviewed by another legend, and frequent Lendl adversary, John McEnroe. Those were the days. Have I mentioned that Pete Sampras used to top my Five List and then he retired and lost his hot in the worst way possible and also Andre Agassi ruined it for me when he recounted in his book the story of how f-cking cheap Pete is?

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