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Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 8, 2008 14:27:45 July 8, 2008 14:27:45

My cousin Cat spent part of the day yesterday texting me about Rafa Nadal. She’s a hardcore tennis fan and has been a hardcore Rafa quiverer forever. Needless to say, Cat was bursting with pride for her boyfriend…along with all of Spain.

Rafa returned home today to a hero’s welcome. Look at that hotness in a white shirt. Spanish dudes are the craziest. What I love about Nadal though is that he also seems humble…the sexiest thing. What I can’t stand about Federer are his lame ass monogrammed sweaters. Cheese!

As many of you saw, Nadal’s against Federer on Sunday at Wimbledon was the best of all time. I think John McEnroe was about to start weeping. Tennis has slumped in the last decade – could this be the catalyst to bring the sport back to its former glory, like what Tiger did for golf?

It’s certainly a start.

And here are Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong playing tennis today in LA. Don’t hate me… I love them. They look like they’re having great sex. They do not however look like they’re trying very hard. Rather…it’s more like foreplay on the court.

Rafa’s so hot he’s putting sex in tennis. Yum.

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