As of 9:52am this morning Lainey had not yet transcribed our text conversation last night where, after Rami Malek and Mr. Robot won Critics' Choice Awards, joining the one Christian Slater got earlier in the evening, she sent me a series of increasingly pointed ‘ahem!’ s.

This is because during the holidays I told her to prioritize Jessica Jones over Mr. Robot, if she only had time for one. I’m not sorry about that, either. Because the time to talk Jessica was then – even before the holidays, if we’re being honest. Everyone wanted to discuss that show then.

The time to discuss Mr. Robot, on the other hand, is now. The show both is and isn’t like anything you’ve ever seen before, and the early episodes, at least, are compelling because Rami Malek has an unusual energy and charisma, more than because of the story. You can see it in his acceptance, right? The weird emphasis he puts on weird words? “Elite.” “Betdur.” He’s good to listen to.

I had some trouble with some of the characters’ likability early on, but luckily the show cuts to Christian Slater whenever you’re in doubt. Still, even if the show seems a little flat by design at the beginning, it will pick you up and envelop you, and judging by the nascent memes on Twitter about finding someone – i.e. everyone—to explain it to you, I wasn’t wrong to tell her to watch Jessica Jones then.

Because even though Mr. Robot’s been around since the summer, (shout out to early adopters who told me to get on it), the time to get on it is now. Let me know.

PS. The above advice might also apply to My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Sure, the title turned you off, but two wins in two weeks must have you curious.