It’s been almost 10 years since Gwyneth Paltrow married Chris Martin. And in that time, especially after they became parents, they’ve been photographed together side by side maybe half a dozen times, maybe? And never, ever on a carpet. They are so vigilant about being photographed together side by side that Chris will often book it down the sidewalk, leaving his wife to walk on her own, rather than give up the shot.

Here are Gwyneth and Chris with their kids in Santa Monica yesterday, the second time they’ve been pictured together this week. I don’t actually think that’s ever happened before. The paps are easier to avoid in London than they are in LA, sure. But not that easy. And Chris doesn’t even seem that pissed. In fact, he’s not only not taking off on the mother of his children, in one of these photos, amazingly enough, I think he might be touching her on the arm.

Remember when he kissed her this summer in a stadium full of fans?

The Paltrow-Martins are unclenching...?

Is California loosening them up?

And, um, forgive the cynicism...but why?

PS. New GOOP collaboration this week -- a jumpsuit by L’Agence. She is hooking up with some serious brands, non? I love this look. And if you take care of it, you can wear it for years. I’ve decided I officially like these Stella McCartney heels more than similar the Versace ones.