Pain. All around. I’m in pain because Rashida Jones deserved a much better dress than the one Tory Burch gave her. And she’s in pain because…

Look at the dress Tory Burch gave her.

Lilac, lavender, whatever. It’s a sh-tty colour. It’s never NOT sh-tty. And in combination with that material and the fact that her breasts are being totally disrespected and that low-rent blue that’s coming out from the bottom there, can you blame her for looking so … disappointed?

She knows.

She knows this isn’t the one.

And that’s the f-cker of the situation. Because they are invited by the designers. And therefore obligated to wear the designer. And Tory Burch just isn’t a designer for this kind of occasion. Not even a “white tie” occasion? You would think so…but this is so badly executed, I wonder if it’s beyond her level.