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Reader sightings received yesterday…

First up: a very low key Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, engaged and enjoying New York yesterday accompanied by his dog from Jamie L:

I was just at the Washington Square Dog Run (NYC) and in came John Krasinski and Emily Blunt with his dog. They were really cute and sat on a bench and laughed with his arm around her the whole time. She looked laid back in jeans and converse, he was SOOOO much taller than I thought he was and much more good-looking in person.

He is much cuter in person. Michelle and I were so focused on him at the tailgait party at the Superbowl in Phoenix two years ago we almost missed shooting Alicia Keys. This is Emily earlier this week on the set of The Adjustment Bureau with a co-star.

Michelle and I also have Seth Meyers in common. An example of our previous gushing over him can be found here.

Seth was in Toronto this week performing at Stand Up For Kids in support of Covenant House. How’s this for sexy? Seth told the National Post:

"I found early on at SNL that I have very little range at a place where range is important. Weekend Update was the only place for me -- the only spot on the show where you get to just be yourself."

Sigh. It’s the humility.

Seth hit up open mic night when he was in town and this is where CJ sampled his quiver and wants more:

Lainey, (I) was invited to go see some open mic stand-up comedy at Spirit’s Bar and Grill (small place, super casual) at Church & Bloor with some friends last night, but was kinda tired, not that interested. Once our friend mentioned that Seth Meyers was going to be there, it didn’t matter that I’d been sick all week, or that I was still on the Via Train back from Ottawa when I agreed, it was happening.

We were the last to arrive and like when you show up late to an assembly in high school, the front right next to the stage was pretty much all that was left. I was less than thrilled about that because I am fat and comedians are mean sometimes F**K… but then Seth Meyers actually came out after all the other performers were done. Sigh.

I loved him as the skinny quirky new guy when the SNL opening credits said “and featuring Seth Meyers…” Tall and lanky, that’s my thing. But last night, last night was amazing and different. He came out all super appreciative that the bar owners would let him come up and perform unscheduled and such. Bla bla bla joke about Canada, joke about his mean dead grandma, joke about people on the plane to Vegas etc… really really funny stuff. No smuttiness here, but what there is and what is worth talking about A LOT is his hotness. And not like ‘hey, I’m a famous funny guy so I’m hot by default’ kind of hotness but the sexy hotness that is SETH MEYERS. The hotness that comes from his gait, his messy hair (despite the fact that I’m not sure if he showered that day), his casual but well put together choice of clothing which fit his chest really really… nicely, his kinda wonky but cute nose which makes him look different than anyone else, and his stance… his confident but not cocky stance on the stage with the mic. Val took a picture because I was too distracted by the hotness and hilarity combination – he flooded my basement. Pardon the crass but there are a lot of celebs I like, then there are the ones like Seth Meyers (and Jackson Rathbone) that I like in a sexy way.

Also, he is NOT wee – hence the quivering ladybusiness. I’m a six footer and was wearing heels and he was just shorter than me. It was amazing.

The performer before him was Colin Jost, who is a writer for SNL and is pretty foxy in his own right, and is a SUPER super nice guy. We were chatting about Tdot and NYC and Seth came up to talk to his buddy while I was there and was just started talking to me. He’s the f**cking nicest guy too… we talked Phillies, and Toronto, and Twitter. I will send the picture soon, but it beats the little chair dance he does on SNL’s Weekend Update, you know which one I’m talking about.

Oh I know what you’re talking about.

Have you seen this? So f-cking cute.

Thanks Jamie, thanks CJ, thanks Val!

Photos from Wenn.com

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