Jessica Biel arrived at LAX the other day in a toque and a bare face. I mean, if it isn’t a bare face, it’s as close as it gets. She’s beautiful. Maybe even a little smug right now. After all, Justin came to get her back. After all the cheating. And in the mind of a clinger, this qualifies as a win.

We are about 2 weeks away from the release of Pippy’s new movie In Time with Amanda Seyfried, co-starring his rumoured one-time hook-up Olivia Wilde. Where is Jessica told to stand when this is happening? During the promotional tour, does she get shunted into the backseat, or will he extend her a pity hand and let her come to the premiere?

How do you rationalise being a second class citizen in a relationship? I imagine it’s no different between civilians and celebrities. Does his musical talent make it worth it? Because if we’re going on merit as an actor, I feel like she could get stepped on by a lot better.