It snowed all day here on Saturday. Like blizzardy. And this is coming from a Canadian, not a weak ass LA douche spending the weekend in Park City for sh-ts and giggles. Have I mentioned? I don’t love Sundance. Because the Hollywood gets too concentrated in such a small space, it’s almost infuriating.

Anyway, back to the weather - these were straight up WINTER conditions. There was over a foot of fresh snow on the ground. The ploughs couldn’t get to everything in time. What to wear if you’re a celebrity promoting your film?  You want to look stylish but, you’d think, you also want to be warm, practical, right?

Check out Rebecca Hall at the premiere of Lay The Favourite. The pictures really don’t show how great she looked that night. That’s a Tod’s coat. It was amazing. It was perfect. On her and for the occasion. Also note - BOOTS. Because that’s how most people walk around in the snow.

Unless of course you’re Kate Bosworth.

Bosworth’s film Black Rock was a late screening. As in midnight. At that hour the wind was dramatic. I mean, we were waiting to interview the Black Rock cast in a media tent outside the venue and at times it felt like it would blow away.

And THIS is what Kate Bosworth showed up in. With Lake Bell, also super appropriately attired.

I mean...


In person Bosworth’s thinness is even more jarring than you expect. So much so that both Dylan, camera, and Josh, producer, mentioned it first. Boys aren’t supposed to be so judgy and observational about this kind of thing. In this case, it’s because whatever it is that they’re judging walked up to them and punched them in the face with its obviousness.

There were times when Bosworth would move behind Lake and completely disappear. And Lake is pretty slender too. Next to Bosworth though, seriously, even Lake looked round. For those of you who still want to argue that she doesn’t actively maintain this standard, google Blue Crush. Josh thought that she might fall over from the cold and her fragility.

As for the boyfriend, he is devoted to her in a way that Alexander Skarsgard could never be. Held her coat during interviews, waiting patiently, didn’t mind when a photographer had no idea of his name, divulging it politely, posed happily with her when requested to, very willing to participate in her game. I guess that’s the answer.

Am also attaching photos of Bosworth walking around town in cute casual, weather-workable clothing which, to me, given the environment, would have met all style requirements, in addition to practicality ones.