As Sasha noted the other day that Rebecca Hall pantsuit on the carpet at the TIFF premiere of The Town was for sh-t. Look at when she spreads out her legs to and you realise it’s not a dress. Goddamn that’s bad. And it wasn’t great in Boston last night either. I get the idea of it, but it’s terribly unflattering, non?

And especially not top form in contrast to when Blake Lively showed up, that freak of nature, those long legs, and her perfect proportion, it’s almost unbeatable but this wasn’t even a contest. Not that it’s a contest because Rebecca Hall is a proper actress, but still...

When Blake doesn’t mash her tits up and out and isn’t hiking that sh-t up to her ass, there’s really, really very little to criticise aesthetically, if anything at all. And of course this matters not much in the grand scheme to Rebecca Hall who gets more quality work than Blake could hope for but at the same time, a dress like hers was an effort, and the effort implies caring, and so if there’s caring involved than it means a reaction is forthcoming and the reaction, at least here, is that considering how lovely she is, it could have been a lot better.

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