When Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes announced their divorce, there were rumours that he'd been hooking up with Rebecca Hall. It was denied, sort of, and the two waited a year before quietly confirming that they were together. Here are some rare candids of the two them in New York this weekend. Overlap for sure, right? We have Rebecca Hall to thank then for the Rocknroll.

Last week, I asked for suggestions as to who should play Ursula in the film adaptation of Kate Atkinson's Life After Life. Some of you put Rebecca Hall's name into it. I think I could live with that. I'm not YES in love but I think there's potential for it to grow...?

The thing about Hall though is...does it feel like her career has lost some momentum?

Her next film is called Closed Circuit co-starring Eric Bana. The release date is August 28th. Like, Labour Day weekend. It’s not exactly an ideal time to open a movie. Hall and Bana play ex-lovers who are also lawyers working on a terrorism trial as they uncover a government conspiracy. The trailer is below.

Bana too was in New York this weekend. Now there’s a candidate for Career Prospectus.