If you weren’t able to read Sarah’s excellent piece on why she’s not feeling Melissa McCarthy earlier this week - because our site has been a dick, sorry -- click here. Sarah notes the difference between McCarthy and Rebel Wilson: “fat girl go boom” isn’t Wilson’s fallback.

Here’s Rebel in Hollywood yesterday in an eyesore of a tracksuit and dog slippers which is the same outfit she wore on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno for an interview during which she told the story of how that crusty b-tch Russell Crowe told her to f-ck off once in Australia. Crowe was having dinner with Nicole Kidman. Ahem. Wilson approached to thank Kidman for a scholarship she’d won in Kidman’s name. Before she had a chance to offer her gratitude, Crowe barked at her and she had to slink off. He obviously thought she was some Twi-Hard interrupting their meal. And/or maybe he had something to be defensive/paranoid about. Who knows when it comes to Russell Crowe? One minute you’re just a staffer at a hotel and the next he’s beating you over the head with a phone. What would happen if Russell Crowe and Alec Baldwin worked together? Video of Rebel telling the story is below.

Rebel is hosting the MTV Movie Awards. Great choice, non? Wait. The Movie Awards are on Sunday? They moved them up earlier this week. Really want to liveblog but I have a 6,000 word deadline due on Monday. Will try to figure it out and let you know on Twitter on Sunday morning.