Hermione isn’t f-cking around

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Sarah from Cinesnark is the comedy expert around here and I haven’t asked her yet what she thinks of the new red band trailer for This Is The End but me, since I still have the sense of humour of 13 year old, obviously I’m all over it. And it doesn’t take much. Mostly all it takes is for Danny McBride to shout out “What the F-CK”, and I’m sold. Actually, anyone saying “What the F-CK” and I’m sold. WTF has been overplayed since the internet, but the full expression, really, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as fully verbalising that expression. Do it, say it out loud right now and you’ll instantly feel better.



When Emma Watson storms into the house with an axe shouting “I’m not f-cking around!”, well, that’s a bonus too. (Curiously enough, Emma supposedly walked off the set while shooting this movie, uncomfortable with some of the content.)


Every minute of Michael Cera.


I mean isn’t this a tolerable James Franco?


Where’s Channing Tatum? There were some reports that he was on set during filming. Right now though, Tatum is not credited as part of the cast. So if he does appear, it seems like they’re setting it up as a big hilarious cameo. By the way, some of the rumours circulating at the time re: Emma Watson’s discomfort had something to do with a scene involving Channing Tatum. We’ll have to see how that goes down, whether or not it was all bullsh-t, or if Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg were asked to edit it out of the final cut.

The concern of course is that this entire trailer is probably all you need to see of the movie, the end. For what it’s worth, according to those at WonderCon this weekend who were shown two more bonus clips, there is more funny. Whether or not they can sustain that over 90 minutes -- or if it ends up being just a whole lot of talk about titty f-cking... well... we have to wait until June.

Also attached -- Danny McBride, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Craig Robinson at WonderCon the other day.

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