There’s not much to say here so I’ll keep it short. Joaquin Phoenix was photographed walking his dogs the other day. The last we heard from Joaquin it was about how he and Rooney Mara are/were “madly in love”. That was three months ago, in January. Since then, no updates. But neither one is high on the gossip radar and they live pretty undercover so there’s no reason to believe they’re no longer together.

When Joaquin and Rooney were last papped together he had dark brown hair, almost black, and some grey on the sides. As you can see here, he’s a ginger now. Are you into a ginger Joaquin? I used to be into Joaquin, period. Like hard. If you’ve been reading this site a while, you know that Joaquin was in all of my daydream screenplays. But I can’t remember it. Like of course I can remember, but I can’t REMEMBER, you know? Nothing lingers. And I’m not mad at that. Because I can’t understand it anymore.