Am told that Reese Witherspoon is having a great time on this set, really, really enjoying herself while shooting This Means War. They say she’s been a total professional (always), and super fun to be around, quite popular among the crew. So here she is yesterday with Chris Pine shooting in North Vancouver a scene that involves them holding hands on what appears to be a date, with a pie, and then Chris runs into ex girlfriend after ex girlfriend. As you can see, first they rehearsed in street clothes – Reese is wearing those ubiquitous cargo pants - and then later she changes into costume, with wellies! It’s probably because they weren’t shooting lower than the waist but still, even if that was part of it, her styling on this film, as previously already noted, has been nothing short of gorgeous.

Pine’s styling however, well, see for yourself. It’s terrible. I interviewed him last week in LA for Unstoppable, his hair doesn’t have to be so...full. And whatever is happening with those shoes and pants should banned for life. Look how they fit around his crotch too. And the weird way they stop at the ankle. It’s gross. Bad pants can be gross. This is gross. Not his fault but it’s gross. I have to look away.

Photos from Punkd Images