Gossip related to Joaquin"s personal life is hard to come by. The man has a tight camp and they don"t talk about him outside of his career, especially considering how damaged he was after hearing his own 911 call played over and over and over again when his brother died. What you do get however are pretty good reports from the set and how that information looks depends entirely upon his involvement in the role. Joaquin is method all the way. Which means on Gladiator, he was a creepy asshole. For The Village, he barely spoke. And during Walk the Line, he answered only to John or JR. You all know already about he unrequited love he had for Reese Witherspoon so these recent stories about him and Eva Mendez shouldn"t come as a surprise to anyone. They are costarring in a movie called We Own the Night. He plays a bar manager, she his girlfriend, and I hear it has been electric during rehearsals. So electric that it"s hard to be in the same room during readings. Excellent chemistry, on and off. While her publicist has insisted that she"s still with her long term boyfriend, word is she"s trying hard to fight her attraction, especially since they voluntarily agreed to spend more and more time together to get intimate with their characters. Eva Mendez is an excellent choice, if you ask me. She is gorgeous, she seems to have a pretty good relationship with food, she has not f&cked half of Hollywood, and she has no history of mental illness or criminal activity. In other words, Eva has my approval 100%. So if for some reason Joaq"s path does not lead to my loins, I"m totally OK with losing out to Eva Mendez. In fact, I can think of a lot worse.