They build you up, they tear you down. It is a common post-Oscar affliction and if it is indeed happening to Reese, she wouldn't be the first. Nicole, Gwyneth, Julia, Halle - all suffered from Best Actress backlash after their wins. Perhaps it's the way of the Academy. Or perhaps it's just our natural predisposition to not wanting anyone to get too bright for their highlights. Regardless, there has been a palpable buzz across the smut wires of late - significant sniping at Oscar's most recent belle, inspired in part by her tedious lack of personality during awards season and capped off by her even more tedious acceptance speech on the big night. Unfortunately for Reese, if you annoy someone enough, they begin to dig. And in her case, the digging has turned up some pretty hilarious but insightful information that might just wipe the angel dust off her pretty little head. 

Let"s start with director Robert Luketic. You might not recognise the name but you will definitely recognise the movie. How about Legally Blonde? The original vehicle that made Reese a superstar and a household name. Turns out Luketic isn't a big fan and I wrote about this way back in August. Don't get me wrong, she didn't stomp around and demand to be fanned or anything like that, but she apparently isn't the bubbly little Southern peach you want to devour. In his words: "Moviemaking is supposed to be fun. There is something impenetrable about that woman. She would come out of her trailer and ask: ‘Why are you all laughing" She would want to know why we all had smiles on our faces. Moviemaking to her is a deadly serious business.” 

And he's not the only director who hasn't been dazzled by the Witherspoon charm. Thanks to Judy B in LA for sending along the following link - a detailed description allegedly written by Kevin Smith (Dogma, Clerks, Mallrats, Jersey Girl, Jay & Silent Bob) that is so uncharacteristically UN-Hollywood (read: candid and unpackaged) it's almost uncomfortable to read. He obviously can't f*cking stand her!!! Granted, it does sound a little bit like he's not very receptive to criticism but it's a compelling read all the same. I have to tell you though - the way he describes her snotty sneer and the fact that she actually CURSES once in a while? Well gossips, my interest was starting to wane back there but all of a sudden, La Reese seems much more deliciously appealing. Bitches like me connect with other bitches, you know what I mean? And the fact that Hollywood's Perfect Princess might actually speak my language is very good news indeed. 

Oh and one more thing - about those new divorce rumours now that she has her trophy. I"m looking into it but early word is not likely. This one will fight tooth and nail to hold her sh*t together and something tells me she's not finished having beautiful blonde babies either.