It"s almost June, right? Ah, of course. Time for another round of pregnancy speculation. As is the case with Nicole Kidman"s, I haven"t had the chance these days to peer inside Reese"s uterus but everyone is swearing up and down today that these very recent beach photos of Reese avec bump are proof positive that #3 is imminent. So while I have no idea and no sources who can confirm or deny, I will say that this isn"t the first time she"s gone out looking less than taut. And the thing is - we are so conditioned to seeing emaciated, overgymed, Hollywood diet-assisted frames that sometimes when someone just has a normal lookin" body, we immediately think fertilisation. Let"s just look back for perspective, shall we? 1. Reese leaving the gym in March 2005 - slight bump detected. No baby followed. 2. Reese wearing flowy floral top and jeans going shopping in March 2005 - people convinced she was pregnant, it was almost fact at that this point. No baby followed. 3. Reese wearing white tank top and jeans holding Deacon July 2005 - slight bump detected. No baby followed. 4. Reese wearing white t-shirt and khakis holding Deacon August 2005 - overlapping bulge clearly visible. No baby followed. 5. Reese dressed up at a charity event October 2005 - full figured and high waisted. Everyone convinced again she"s pregnant. No baby followed. 6. Reese with Ava at the beach May 2006, present day - slight bump detected. Pregnancy excitement reaches fever pitch. Baby status unknown. So what"s my point? Hey - she could very well be pregnant! I mean we"ve been hearing for months it"s how she plans to save her marriage. But isn"t it also possible that she just doesn’t Pilates herself to death like everyone else in her industry??? Just asking… Recent beach photos via JustJared