Before you start running for the hills screaming that she’s pregnant, please refresh your memory and take a look at the following article from last month. Now I’m not saying she’s not pregnant because she very well may be. But as I said back then and as I’ll repeat today, isn’t it is just possible that Reese Witherspoon does the unthinkable and actually consumes FOOD? How very unfashionable of her, non? After all, eating is even more passé than Uggs. Seriously though, isn’t Reese’s cellie the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? Like proof that Hollywood celebrities really ARE airbrushed and photoshopped and even artistically rendered in some cases – proof that all your cynicism IS actually well founded? More importantly though, despite the fact that she’s a frigid bitch, don’t you admire her even more for not caring, if only for the time being? Until her next major role? I do. I think it’s refreshing…if not a little worrisome. Because where’s she’s healthy, her husband seems obsessed with “over fit”. Hmmm…Do you smell something smutty? Photos via JustJared