Another Nina Ricci, probably a tad too similar to the Globes and the SAGs but still, from head to toe – absolutely flawless. Now I’ve seen her before, I saw her at TIFF, at the premiere of Penelope, and even then I was amazed by her beauty. But on Oscar night, Reese took stunning to another level. She might be little but when she’s standing right in front of you, she absolutely pops. I loved the simple, straight hair. I loved the simple, straight makeup. I loved her suck it to Ryan single gorgessity. And I especially love the attitude. Because you know I love snotty bitches. And Reese Witherspoon is a snotty snotty bitch. Just like my Gwyneth. So she didn’t want to do press. She walked the carpet to be photographed and nothing else. But as you can imagine, hundreds of journalists and reporters were screaming for her: Reese! Reese! Come talk to us! And her response each and every time was to roll her eyes and exhale and smirk. On a few occasions she was even sneering. We were watching it on the sidelines and also on the balcony, then a producer from a British outlet said to no one in particular – guess who woke up a bitch this morning. And another producer from a local network was like…ah no, she’s always a bitch. Which is music to my ears. Better a bitch than a pandering sweetheart snorting coke on one hand and pretending to be your best friend on the other. Dear gossips: Reese Witherspoon is better than you. Love, love, love.