At the Kennedy Centre Honours last night for the Dolly Parton tribute – a very loud, very gorgeous F*ck You to Ryan Phillippe. Wow. I think this is the best I’ve seen her, more beautiful than ever. And while looks are certainly not everything, trust me when I tell you that every skank he ever cheated with, including that drab ass Abbie Cornish, and all the women in Toronto, especially the sluts from the Yaletown Cactus Club in Vancouver, each and every one is no comparison to Reese. Seriously, not even close. In some cases, not even remotely attractive. Incidentally, one of those Vancouver waitresses – the one I mentioned earlier who quit her job – she was actually photographed last week at work. Pics could be floating around in the next week or so, and I certainly hope they do…you can see for yourself the peculiar brand of trash Ryan sought out when overperfection and perhaps a lack of passion confronted him at home. Source