Twelve months ago, Reese Witherspoon was beginning her Oscar run. Up to that point, almost a year had passed since any candids showing her and her husband together in one place had surfaced. And then came Walk the Line. And crazily enough, the same weekend it opened, Reese & Ryan were snapped en famille grabbing coffee somewhere in LA, which signalled 3 months of paternal/maternal bliss leading up to that fateful evening in March. The envelope, the statue, the acceptance speech - a fairy tale come true and curiously enough, after the win, the photos seemed to dry up rather rapidly. So now it"s Ryan"s turn. Flags of Our Fathers is being hailed as the movie to beat. As the lead, Ryan is naturally a contender…though his popularity is decidedly less blonde than his wife"s which only means she"ll have to play Jacqueline for a while, starting last night at the NYC screening of the movie - Mr and Mrs Witherspoon/Phillippe kicking off their campaign. How much you wanna bet that if FooF picks up steam, we are going to see a motherload of happy family photos from now until February? Photos source