You know what yesterday was?

It was the one year anniversary of “Do you know my name?” Or, as the brilliant Michael K at Dlisted would say, Laura Jean Poon’s birthday.

And she bounced back as quickly as James Franco did when he perved on a teenager on social media. All it takes is a golden smile, a few cute outfits, and some babies.

Now? Now it’s all about the Witherspoon “lifestyle”. Soon. Soon you can live like Reese. You can eat what she eats, shop where she shops, yoga like she yogas…and meangirl like she meangirls? Oh please. This is a friend of Chelsea Handler and Jennifer Aniston. You know.

Someone asked me last night at our Barnes & Noble gossip session on the Upper East Side whether or not her lifestyling was a sign that she’s given up on acting. My answer was Definitely Not. She’s married to a powerful agent whose two clients just won both male acting Oscars. Also, Robert Downey Jr. And Chris Evans. And Scarlett Johansson. That’s, like, half The Avengers.

They’re a power couple. The lifestyle brand just adds to the power. Reese is only 38 years old. There’s no giving up here. There’s only ambition. And now that Gwyneth Paltrow’s perfection has been cracked, it’s Reese’s time to take her place.