Topping the Worst Dressed is almost an art. It’s too easy to name Jessica Biel the worst dressed. You expect it. What’s the challenge?

But Reese Witherspoon…

You don’t expect it from Reese Witherspoon. You don’t go into the Oscars thinking Reese Witherspoon will suck it the hardest with all she has to choose from.

But this is exactly what happened.

It was too long. Too frumpy. She can’t make bruise colours work, she doesn’t have enough edge. But what’s truly criminal is the figure skating nude sheer material holding the dress together. There’s an entire f-cking sheet of it at the back.

Me I won’t even touch a dress with that sh-t on it, let alone wear it to single biggest event of the year in entertainment. It belongs in ice dance, it belongs at a beauty pageant, it does not belong at the Oscars. And yet there’s Reese Witherspoon inexplicably bringing some hick to the Academy Awards…


Anyway, as you probably know, after the awards, Reese met up with Jakey and they hit up Vanity Fair, holding hands the entire time, very sweet, very affectionate, even though Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish were there. Awkwardness? Not really. It would be awkward if Ryan actually mattered. But… he doesn’t. No one really cared.

What is Abbie Cornish doing with that loser?

Back to Reese and Jakey – speculation is building that she’s pregnant. He was spotted at a jewellery store recently, and am told exclusively by a source that at a charity appearance last week, he was overheard saying that he and Reese were both “traditional that way” prompting many to assume that he meant marriage before babies. Keep you posted.

And this concludes the Oscar wrap-up. Am catching up on your emails. Love them all. Send, send, send!

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