Us Weekly says Reese and Jake, on the heels of their big TIFF debut for Rendition, have called it off again…and for good this time.

Fact? Fiction? Or diversion?

I’d wait before pulling the plug definitively on their love.

Michael Clayton party last week in Toronto at the Design Exchange - my sources tell me that security snuck a giggly and tipsy Reese (apparently “she was havin’ a good time that night!”) in to the bash. Fifteen minutes later, Jakey G was also brought in by the same route and what looked to be the same team. I’m told it was a joint coordinated effort.

Inside the event, Time Magazine’s Richard Corliss spotted the two dancing intimately, and other observers spied a brief but very hot liplock.

Love Limbo…. Will keep you posted.

NB. File photo

PS. Everyone I spoke with at TIFF said Rendition sucked ass.

PPS. Kind of encouraging that Reese Witherspoon can actually kick back and relax, non?