Reese Witherspoon was nominated for a SAG award yesterday. She was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award today. There was never any doubt, was there? She’s good in Wild. And she’s connected in Hollywood. Jim Toth, her husband, is a major player at CAA.

In that Jennifer Aniston article I posted earlier about her big victory over Brange the last two days, I wondered about a conspiracy theory. Click here for a refresher. So…speaking of Jim Toth…

You know that he’s Justin Theroux’s agent, right?

Jennifer Aniston is also a major CAA client.

You know who’s not with CAA?

Angelina Jolie. She used to be with CAA but she left the agency right after she and Brad Pitt hooked up.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

After all the sh-t we’ve confirmed about Hollywood this week, don’t tell me that’s impossible. Don’t pretend they wouldn’t. They totally would.

Thing is though, Brad Pitt is CAA. So there’s always leverage on that side of it. And it would be considerable leverage. Is it because she won’t play that card or is it because he won’t let her play that card? Jolie has always wanted to make her sh-t happen on her own terms. If she pulls that card it’s a last resort. We are hardly at a last resort here.

This is Reese last night at the premiere of Inherent Vice. Not a great choice of dress. I like her street style outfit better from earlier this week. That’s a great black and white skirt.