Until Reese Witherspoon becomes a wife again. At least according to Radar as they were the first report that the Witherspoon/Toth wedding would happen on March 26th. More evidence of that was provided last night as Reese, in mom wedges and a cardigan, and Jim and the children hooked up for dinner with family members on both sides.

I think it’s the leggings that are a problem for me. Espadrille wedges are fine on a bare leg. But all that black leaving a small gap in between the calf and heel… it’s not flattering, not even on her.

As for Reese, as noted last week when I originally wrote about the wedding, it doesn’t look like she’ll get much of a honeymoon. She’s due in Vegas on April 3 to present at the Country Music Awards with Robert Pattinson in support of their upcoming Water for Elephants. Like I said, everything is timed so… conveniently, non?

Photos from Wenn.com