Reese and her husband Jim Toth are reportedly looking at properties in Nashville, and it’s not for the usual house/ranch/celebrity compound, but rather, a hotel.

Hotel Witherspoon. Toth House?

Either works, and as you can tell I’m super into this idea. Usually I’m the first to bitch when a celebrity takes a second (or third or fourth) job just because they can, but I do think travel is a specific area that one can only be an expert in when they’ve taken an awful red eye and stayed in some 4-stars that are really 2-stars. And between work trips and personal vacations, a movie star like Reese is on the road a lot. Sure, right now she’s plush and can afford the best, but I would bet that Reese has seen a Doubletree in her day.

The South is of course a perfect fit: she has roots in Tennessee both in name (her son) and heritage (she grew up there and still owns a home in Nashville). And with her upcoming website Draper James, it certainly fits the big L – Lifestyle.

In terms of aesthetic, I can already picture the country posh rooms. She obviously takes a lot of pride in her home, and the Vogue 73 Questions video gave us a peek – California casual with a lot of warmth and plushness. Airy but intimate. Beautiful but livable. After watching that video, try telling me you wouldn’t want to stay in Reese’s guesthouse. Forever.

There’s also something really bold and uncynical about this idea, isn’t there? It’s far too big of an investment for a vanity project – she could do a perfume if she just wanted a low-risk, quick branding opportunity. A hotel is big. Huge. If she does take this on, it will have to be an obsession.

My expectations are already high, so I’ve made a Chez Reese wishlist: a proper gym that isn’t a windowless dungeon, afternoon check out time, Netflix, sleep masks, those fancy spa waters in the lobby, a fried chicken restaurant, mobile mani-pedi service and fast WiFi. Oh and room service dessert: Pick Flick cupcakes. Best hotel ever, right?

The source is US Weekly and Gossip Cop insists it’s not true, even though they themselves point out that US has been pretty accurate on Reese reports.