Reese Witherspoon wore white to the premiere of Wild in Hollywood last night. Both Reese and Laura Dern are considered strong candidates for Oscar nominations – Reese in the Best Actress category and Laura for Supporting. So if we’re looking ahead to the Golden Globes, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, and Laura Dern could all be in the ballroom at the same time. You make Gwyneth Paltrow a presenter and it’s actually perfect.

Anyway, Reese was also at the Hollywood Film Awards last week. She presented but she wasn’t a major presence at the event because, as you know, Julianne Moore was the honoured Best Actress there. The Hollywood Film Awards, as I’ve repeated, are meaningless. But it did put Julianne and Reese, right now the two frontrunners in the Best Actress race, at the same event. Most experts believe, currently, that Julianne is ahead. She has an excellent reputation among her peers, her performance in Still Alice is devastating, and she doesn’t have one…yet.

While Reese does.

So for Reese, I wonder if she’s plays for a nomination…and that’s it. “I just want this film to be acknowledged.” Or if she pushes to win, win, win, win.

Tell me!