Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rudd were in Berlin this morning promoting How Do You Know. The film did not do well domestically. So it’s extra extra important to be perky and sweet and appealing to make up some cash money overseas.

Looks like it’s a grueling travelling schedule for Rudd as he’s also expected at Sundance for My Idiot Brother. We’re supposed to be on that carpet in a few days.

As for the newly engaged Reese, she’s proudly showing off her ring and also a tv news anchor/soccer mom blowout. You know, she had her kids really, really young. Ava turns 12 this year. And Reese will only be 35. How long before there’s a 3rd? It’s not like the MiniVan Majority isn’t pregnancy obsessed or anything. But first…everyone loves a wedding.

Do we sell the photos or do we keep them private?

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