Reese Witherspoon was on set with Tom Hardy yesterday in Vancouver for This Means War. She’s really popping in these shots, so lovely right now.

Am also attaching fresh photos of Tom Hardy picking up groceries at the end of the day. And a great story from my friend Marty. Marty lives around there and he happened to be in the store on the weekend when Tom stopped in for a few things. Of course Marty noticed him. He’s hot. Why not?

So Marty goes over, strikes up a conversation about toothpaste or something, and thinks things are progressing along reasonably well for a grocery aisle conversation, until Tom’s bodyguard/trainer cockblocks the situation and shuts Marty down. And that’s not even the funniest part of the story. The funniest part of the story is that Marty only figured out he was trying to pick up Tom Hardy after checking my site on Monday morning.

“I wasn’t in celebrity mode, I was in cruise mode.”

Anyway, don’t f-cking lose your sh-t. This doesn’t mean Tom and Marty were about to go home together. It just means Marty was trying to figure Tom out. And was thwarted.

Thanks to Justine for sending along this. Go to 8:25 and you’ll be rewarded in less than 10 seconds.

Photos from Punkd Images