The dash-cam arrest video.

You’ve seen it, right?

Footage from Reese Witherspoon’s arrest in Atlanta two weeks ago was released online yesterday, after she and her husband Jim Toth settled their legal situation though. She got away with a fine of $213 and he’ll do some community service and it’s like it all never happened, you know?, the fact that he drove drunk and could have murdered someone. So the embarrassment? The embarrassment and the public mockery, consider it a fair exchange. MORE than a fair exchange. Isn’t this preferable to, oh, killing a child, or maiming a mother?

Listen to the way she says “arrest me” near the end of the clip. The indignation in her voice. That’s your true Reese Witherspoon, right there.

Oh but what does it matter?

“I don't think she was out of line, she started asking a question and the cop got high handed and dictatorial on her.”

“She is still one Classy Lady!! We all make mistakes,especially acting like that, but have the luck not to get arrested. lol But it can happen to anyone. So not judging here. Still a Reese fan!!”

“That cop was being a jerk. Although she got out of the car she just asked what was going on and he arrested her. A little over the top if you ask me.”

Just a few of the comments over at in response to the arrest video. There are those who continue to criticise, sure, but it’s remarkable how many have shrugged off the drinking and the driving. And I wonder...

Is it because this:

Reminds them of...

Sweet Home Alabama!

There was a bar scene in Sweet Home Alabama, wasn’t there?

And she was drunk and messy, an irresistible Southern girl who can’t handle her drink is all. No harm in that, right? Oh but remember Sweet Home Alabama? When Patrick Dempsey took her to Tiffany for a Ring Porn proposal but then Josh Lucas took off his plaid shirt and she reconnected to her roots and chose small town over New York City and...

What was that again?

Forget, forgive, see? How easy was that?