Evidently Reese Witherspoon is this year's Oscar Kristen Bell. You remember when she and Dax Shepard took it upon themselves to go anti-pap for children's photos? There was a petition that was circulated. But at the same time their peers are selling baby photos to magazines. And others are calling paps when they happen to show up at out of the way toy stores. Meanwhile Matt Damon lives down the street from Ben Affleck and I have no idea what his kids look like. Don't know what Christian Bale's kids look like either.

One year later, Reese (and I do know what her kids look like and I saw them a LOT during award season when she ended up winning for Walk The Line, when she Ryan Phillippe were seemingly such a happy family) is all about #AskHerMore. She made a point of not doing the full press line, stopping for just a few major outlets (Julianne Moore talked to a LOT of people) and when she did stop, she was all about the "I don't want to just talk about my clothes etc".

The problem with celebrities is that they only see situations from one side: theirs. That's the benefit of being a celebrity. You don't have to ask before you decide. You don't bother to talk to the press about their experiences, their objectives, before coming to the conclusion that their perspective is the only one that matters and therefore the way they dictate the changes is the way it has to be for everyone.

It's a red carpet. The most high profile red carpet. The Academy installs more and more cameras every year. So the audience can get more and more views of the stars. With no audio. What the f-ck do you think they want you to look at? You think they're expecting you to lip-read???

When stylists are working with actors to put together publicity wardrobes to SELL MOVIES, fashion becomes a part of the business of movies. When you share on Instagram your various dress options for the Oscars, you are using social media to sell you. Your brand. She did this two days before the show.



Decisions, decisions... #Oscars 🙈

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And now, in a 3 minute interview, on the runway of Hollywood, I'm supposed to ask her about her character's motivation?

Sure. No problem. After that they'll start complaining about how no one ever asks them fun, interesting questions. Because this is their nature. The celebrity soul is never satisfied.

On another Reese note, my skin magician, Lorinda Zimmerman, texted me during the show last night after observing this:

Well that looks natural.

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