I thought she’d be good for a few cutaways, at least. I didn’t pay too much attention when she was on the carpet with Cheryl Strayed because the sushi was arriving and I knew Seacrest wouldn’t ask about Strayed being Sugar like I wanted him to.

But when we got inside – very little of Reese. Not even some shocked-by-Tina-and-Amy cutaways. I wonder if she’ll be mad when she finds out, because she looked good. I mean, make no mistake, she adhered exactly to the Reese Witherspoon formula, but it looked good. I’m not actually sure what I’d do if she tried something different. It would feel silly, somehow. Reese is lots of things but indecisive about nonsense that doesn’t work on her body certainly doesn’t seem to be one.

I have a deadline this week and when it’s done I’m taking myself to all the movies. Trying to get excited about Wild. I am really, really not there yet.

(Lainey: Reese seemed to spend a lot of time hugging and supporting Julianne Moore. If she can’t vote for herself then… well… is that the box she’s checking? Instead of, ahem, the other one?)