Not to sound totally corny but when she smiles, it really does light it all up. Reese Witherspoon continued to work on This Means War in Vancouver yesterday, this time a scene that sees her character bopping along in her headphones in casual clothes. She’s been in great spirits on this shoot. And am told she’s also been sweet and kind and considerate with civilians too – wherever she shops, and she’s been shopping quite often, wherever she stops, it’s been full on well mannered, non celebrity attitude.

Witherspoon is actually moving around relatively easily without causing riots which is the standard code of behaviour here with the exception of Twilight. There’s a Loser gene that gets activated in the population wherever those people go.

Anyway, Witherspoon’s upcoming How Do You Know will be released in December, said to have a very outside shot at a nomination. The trailer is below.

Photos from Punkd Images