Her people confirmed exclusively to Us Weekly yesterday that she will marry Hollywood agent Jim Toth. As repeatedly noted, celebrity gossip has a way of playing out over time. These are the shenanigans that make their sh-t so fascinating. Because two months ago, on October 22nd, Us Weekly announced the imminent engagement on its cover. Her team immediately went to People.com with a denial. Click here for a refresher.

Gossip Cop
was also quick to cite their own sources close to Witherspoon – in other words her publicist – to debunk the story.


If Us Weekly lied in their initial report, why is it that Team Witherspoon went to them FIRST now to make the announcement official?

If that’s the case, they’d be rewarding a fraud, non?

The real question is how this deal was made. And what this deal is for. And why. There’s always a story behind the story. And perhaps this story is a deflection. How Do You Know bombed at the box office. Is Reese still worth her asking price? They say it’s somewhere in the neighbourhood of $15 million. And right now, she’s having a hard time backing that up.

Last summer I was hanging out a party with some industry types and she’d just signed on to This Means War and I was saying to someone that it was a great move, that I thought it would be a good project for her. I was met with a snort and told that she’s essentially taking what she can get now, trying to squeeze out as much as she can while she can because it’s almost over for her.

I told that person he was out of his mind. That Reese Witherspoon is still considered a Super A.

Right now, just six months later, it looks like he was more right than I was. Don’t think for a second that Reese isn’t aware of it. And don’t think for a second that whatever game playing is happening here with her engagement doesn’t have anything to do with it either.

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