When’s the last time you remember seeing this much cleavage from Reese Witherspoon? Have you ever seen a side breast from Reese Witherspoon? If I were her, and after 3 children, I’d be showing side breast too.

Have we found ourselves at the beginning of a Reese Witherspoon style change?

This deep cut Jason Wu is never something I would have predicted we’d ever see on Reese Witherspoon. But she’s been in an award show style slump for years. Click here to see her Oscar dress from last year. It had a bow. It was dowdy and boring and the opposite of fresh.

But we saw a very fresh Reese all weekend – first at the Spirit Awards in a flirty, super cute Giambattista Valli and then here at Vanity Fair, taking a plunging risk…and actually pulling it off. Are we getting an image makeover? And why?

By the way, there was a lot to celebrate for Reese and Jim Toth this weekend. He represents both Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto. As previously mentioned, Toth’s client list is impressive. In addition to the aforementioned, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, and Scarlett Johansson are among his biggest names. What happens when Reese wants a part that’s meant for Scarjo? How does that work?