Papping Reese every day

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 21, 2012 21:00:30 March 21, 2012 21:00:30

SheΓÇÖs already papped enough.

But these are the first shots of Reese Witherspoon since Us Weekly broke the news earlier today that sheΓÇÖs expecting with husband Jim Toth. Click here for my full gossip analysis post on her pregnancy from this morning.

Be ready now for 7 months of wall to wall Reese baby coverage. One day this child will find that his/her womb experience can be fully documented on something archaic called the internet. IΓÇÖll come back here to a point IΓÇÖve made several times: if they hate having their picture taken SO much, and especially with their children, or anything having to do with children, why is it they continue to support the publications - print, online, or otherwise - that purchase those photos and fuel the demand? has a section called ΓÇ£Celebrity BabiesΓÇ¥ on its site. And yes, this includes paparazzi photos.


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