The Lifestyle of Reese Witherspoon

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 21, 2014 15:49:40 March 21, 2014 15:49:40

You remember when Reese Witherspoon was working the award show circuit while campaigning for an Oscar for her performance in Walk The Line? During her acceptance speeches, her southern accent would, you know, just slip out inadvertently.

My ass.

That was a well-run strategy that ended with a Best Actress. She and Ryan Phillippe played happy happy family at exactly the time that momentum was building in her favour. Immediately afterwards they turned it off. So it’s not like Reese Witherspoon doesn’t know how to play the game. And it turns out she’s been playing for a different reason lately.

Check out Reese in a very cute, very universally appealing outfit yesterday while running errands in Brentwood. She’s been papped in a lot of cute, universally appealing outfits lately. F-ck the paps! They always have to be around just when celebrities are looking like sh-t, right?

Well… it was announced this week that Reese with be launching her very own lifestyle brand next year. Just like GOOP. Just like Blake Lively. Just like Jessica Alba. So, like, totally original. But the difference that her lifestyle will be distinguished by her “southern roots and personal style”.

Personal style?

Oh, so you mean the personal style we see because the paps keep taking pictures?

What else does the Reese Witherspoon lifestyle involve? Perhaps a sense of entitlement. The balls to tell off a cop even though you were the asshole who got into a car with a man who’d been drinking. The privilege to escape from that situation almost entirely unscathed. Because it was 100% a privilege. Had that been Rihanna I promise you it would not have turned out the same way.

We’re exactly a month away from the one year anniversary of “DO YOU KNOW MY NAME?” To go from that to being able to launch a “lifestyle” brand – and with a straight face too – is quite an accomplishment. Something to aspire to? That’s what “lifestyle” is, isn’t it? It’s aspirational. Who wouldn’t want to be Reese? We don’t have enough Reeses and Gwyneths in the world. Women like that hardly get any attention.


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