That’s a sleepover outfit, non? Reese Witherspoon stepped out with her boyfriend Jim Toth yesterday to hit up the supermarket dressed very casually in sweats and uggs just 2 days after her birthday and a weekend with him in Ojai, no kids. Cosy.

The two apparently stocked up on some wine and snacks.

Yeah, I remember those days. Reese is IN LOVE. Or she’s not averse to you thinking she’s in love which, in their world, is kinda the same thing anyway. This is not a dumb blonde twat. This is a celebrity very much in control of her image, who generally makes smart decisions. It took her forever to get here with Jake Gyllenhaal. And only 2 months or so to arrive at the same place with Jim T.

So yeah, either she’s in deep sh-t with this man or she’s making a point. Or both. And just a few weeks before Jakey has to start promoting Prince of Persia.....

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