Reese Witherspoon stepped out yesterday, Golden Globe nomination day. And she was named in the Best Drama Actress category. This outfit…

But this is SUCH an LA Wife outfit, non? All that’s missing is the Botox. But appropriate I guess for the weeks ahead – a lot of handshaking, a lot of deal-making, a lot of favour-asking, a lot of smiling. Reese knows when to turn it on.

Thanks to the reader who sent me this link about the filming of Wild, for which Reese is nominated. It’s an article in Outside Online. The writer had been hanging out with the crew all day reporting on the movie since it’s based on a book about a long hike. Not the usual kind of publication that frequents a film set. Maybe that’s why this detail made it into the piece:

“They shot Witherspoon postholing around a few times before a stuntman extra blew a knee skiing by and Vallée called it a day. Witherspoon climbed into a snowcat for a ride back to the lodge, and I jumped in behind her. Years of use had made the interior reek of ski-boot funk so profoundly that it felt like oil in my nose. I had been forbidden to speak to Witherspoon, so I just sat there, listening.”

Listen, actors have to focus on their roles, OK. No distractions, please. She’s been nominated for all kinds of awards for that focus. Wasn’t it worth it?

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