Us Weekly has the exclusive - Reese Witherspoon is pregnant. She and husband Jim Toth were married a year ago. This will be her third child. Reese turns 36 years old tomorrow.

So where’s the gossip?

Well... how did PEOPLE miss out on this story?

PEOPLE paid for her wedding pictures. PEOPLE is the safe, logical choice for a MiniVan Majority star like Reese Witherspoon. After all, if it’s a strategic move, based solely on reader numbers, PEOPLE reaches a lot more, and the right kind of demo too if you’re, you know, of the Reese Witherspoon variety. It’s not like PEOPLE would ever turn down a Reese Witherspoon exclusive.

Interestingly enough though, multiple sources have told me recently that Reese has been considering a change in representation. She’s worked with publicist Nanci Ryder for a while now. But she’s also super tight with Jennifer Aniston, Chelsea Handler, and now Gwyneth Paltrow with whom she’ll star in One Hit Wonders - click here for a refresher. Aniston, Handler, and Paltrow are all clients of Stephen Huvane. It’s only a matter of time. And Stephen Huvane, well, it’s not like he’s new to the Us Weekly give and take. What exactly was given and why remains to be seen. Huvane’s brother of course is Kevin Huvane, a major player at CAA, where Toth is an agent, and some say a rather ambitious one who has been angling for a while to rise to the top of the agency.


In Hollywood, it’s never just a baby.

According to US, Reese is just about 12 weeks pregnant. When she was pregnant the first two times, mothering was not quite yet a career maker/saver. We now have two trimesters to observe how she, perhaps with a new team, manages this out.

Attached - Reese on Monday covering herself with a large tote.