Reese Witherspoon is in Washington shooting How Do You Know showing off a wicked bitchface. Not sure if the cameras were rolling when these were taken but a reader called Catherine (thanks Catherine!) was there this morning and observed that America’s Sweetheart isn’t exactly the sweetest on set.

You’d think she’d be the type, given her public image, to be the one offering baked goods to everyone and leading people on singalongs but in reality, apparently Reese rarely engages, keeps to herself, has not been socialising, laughing, chatty with crew, curiously in sharp contrast to Angelina Jolie who was working in the capitol not long ago and was extremely approachable and tight with production staff.


You mean Reese Witherspoon isn’t made of sugar?


The sugar comes out strategically. The spice and the ICE are the everyday.

Photos from Gene Young/