Someone sent me a note the other day about Cara Delevingne’s Instagram. That it’s amazing. It really is. Cara’s motto is pretty much “f-ck it”. Literally, figuratively, all of it. And it hasn’t hurt her. She’s not Reese Witherspoon. She doesn’t have to have the MiniVan Majority onside. She doesn’t have to pretend she’s not a c-nt with an attitude problem.

Here are two videos that Cara just posted on Instagram featuring Reese Witherspoon who, oh no, oh no, oh no, is definitely not a c-nt with an attitude problem.

There. That’s who Chelsea Handler is friends with. That’s who said to a cop in Atlanta “DO YOU KNOW MY NAME?”

But it’s definitely not who you’ll be seeing as the face of Draper James, her new lifestyle brand. That’s what she’s calling it: Draper James. Proper.