Reese Witherspoon showed her support yesterday at the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Washington, DC. Jake Gyllenhaal was filming there recently…

Reese looked healthy and happy and not Hollywood malnourished. And so already, the dreaded baby bump talk is starting up again. Because celebrities are not allowed to have stomachs that are not concave. Le sigh. BumpWatch is so boring.

How about she’s in love with Jakey and she’s eating like a normal person? How about she’s not obsessed with looking like Victoria Beckham? How about the fact that Jakey G is finally taking the pickle out of her ass and the uptight Reese Witherspoon is actually letting loose for a change?

But if you’re hellbent on insisting there’s a pregnancy, it’s not like she’s never been through bump speculation before. Click here for a Witherspoon bump chronology that is proof yet again that BumpWatch is about as reliable as Star Magazine.

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