The Cruel Intentions TV show has added another piece to the puzzle – and that piece is not a down home Southern A-lister with a mugshot.

The part of Annette, originated by Reese, will be played by Kate Levering, a relatively unknown TV actress. It looks like Annette will be a big part of the show. I of course was hoping Reese would show up in a cameo, but I realize that was naïve of me. The movie centered around 3 characters, and only 2 of them can be part of the revamped Cruel Intentions. New characters – like Annette and Sebastian’s son Bash – will of course be introduced, and maybe some minor characters from the movie will show up, but Annette is just too juicy to leave uncast just in case Reese decides she wants to do an afternoon of TV.

Fine! I’ll get over it, I guess. And it’s interesting that Entertainment Weekly’s report on this story notes that Reese was not asked by producers to reprise her role. I guess I see their point – you’d have to track down her team, then wait for an almost-certain ‘no’, but doesn’t this also feel a tad like the Melissa McCarthy/Gilmore Girls scenario? There’s a little more conflict with the Gilmore Girls/Melissa McCarthy situation because of the she said/she said, but Gilmore Girls is also a limited-edition revival. The commitment required for Cruel Intentions won’t be known until it airs.

I still have hope for Reese (even if my hope that she can ever pull together a proper red carpet look is dwindling – did you see that purple monster???), and I want to believe she’d be up for a non-Annette cameo. Something cute and winking that says, “Hey y’all, I ain’t too big for my goshdarn britches, even if I live in LA and wear Loubotawwwwwwns.” Isn’t that what she’s trying to show us all the time?