Written by Sarah

It’s a problem with her. She makes weird relationship choices. Some actresses have bad taste in clothes, others party too hard. Reese is one of those that insist on dating the wrong men. It’s not that she has bad taste—she was with Jake Gyllenhaal, after all—it’s more that she goes for the wrong type all together.

I hated her with Ryan Phillippe. She was always too good for such a whiny little punk. He cheated on her and has dared to paint himself the victim of bad press, telling Howard Stern last month that “sh-t happens” in a relationship. That’s true, Ryan, but real men don’t cheat. But I also hated her with Jake G. Not that they were a terrible couple, because they were so cute when out with her children that I could barely stand it, I just hate that she insisted on dating actors. Reese is a self-confessed Type A control freak with a considerable drive to succeed. If ever a woman needed a behind the scenes man, it was Reese.

I have long believed Reese needs to date a businessman. And finally she has succumbed to my subliminal mind-rays willing her to do so, and is dating Hollywood agent Jim Toth. And look how happy she is. Happy, smiley Reese, even mugging for the paparazzi who staked out her kid’s soccer game on Mother’s Day. In the past, with her actor boyfriends, that would merit a Defcon One bitchface from one of the bitchiest faces in Hollywood. But now, with her behind the scenes man? All smiles. Can’t be bothered to be annoyed because she’s finally dating someone she doesn’t have to compete with.

It’s the conundrum of powerful women. Who do you date when you’re better than everybody?

Written by Sarah

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