Wild screened at Telluride this weekend. Or, as I like to call it, Hike, Pray, Love. The reviews were pretty solid. While some critics may have felt that the film could have been stronger, The Hollywood Reporter, Indiewire, and Variety all praised her performance. In fact, Variety called it her finest in years. Which is all she needs. She doesn’t need Wild to be Best Picture. All she needs for her nomination is to deliver on the acting. So now she’s riding that momentum into Toronto for TIFF where she’ll be promoting two films – Wild and The Good Lie.

Type A is nothing if not ambitious. Ideally she’ll have two performances to choose from: doing the James Franco thing for Wild or the Sandra Bullock crusader/saviour part for The Good Lie. Can’t she have both? Can she somehow make it so that she’s in for consideration for lead in Wild and supporting in The Good Lie. I don’t know what her role is like in The Good Lie. But what Tracy Flick wants, Tracy Flick usually gets. She wants an Oscar. She wants that second Oscar bad. And she was campaigning all over Telluride with Cheryl Strayed on Instagram – like in this shot about how they’re so twinsies. Over to you, Amy Adams.

Attached - Reese out for a run yesterday.