Stella McCartney always shows up at the MET Gala with her annual version of the Plastics. This year: Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, Kate Bosworth, and Reese Witherspoon whose MET appearance was the first of her career. And she looked it. In irritating pink, of course. And a bustline only the MiniVan Majority could love, of course. Looking uncomfortable as f-ck…how now?

There’s nothing relaxed in Reese’s posing, is there? She hardly flashed that big sweetheart smile. As my friend Lorella remarked, she seemed like she had a stick up her ass the whole time. Only this time, it was less about the fact that she’s a bitch and more about the fact that this is not her territory, fashion girl territory. You can tell during the interview. Please tell me you’ve watched Andre Leon Talley’s interviews posted on

Click here to see him bring “Stella’s posse” over to his little… I dunno… corner…if that’s what you can call it. And then watch Kate Bosworth laugh CONDESCENDINGLY in Reese’s face when she reveals that she’d never been to the MET GALA before.

God, the beauty in this moment is something I’ll take with me to the end of the year when we list off our Bests & Worsts. Best because Kate Bosworth is talking down to Reese Witherspoon. HA. And worst because…

Who the f-ck are you, Kate Bosworth?